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The beginning of my story...


Jodi Peppin

I was living no different than any other person, I wasn’t a “bad person”, I was nice. I believed in Jesus and knew God was real. I went to church occasionally and was baptized when I was a child. Occasionally I would pray alone, but God always seemed like he was in the distance. I would go to church, listen to a preacher's message and go about my day like everyone else. But there was something missing. I never seen things in my life like what we read about in the Bible. Why was that? Why did it seem like other people would hear from God, but I didn't? I wasn't seeing God move. 

In my search to seek the truth I discovered that I wasn’t living my life like the church in the Bible. I wasn’t connecting and having fellowship with other people living for God or praying with anyone. I wasn't a disciple. I wasn’t reading my Bible or seeking to live righteously, but not because I didn’t want to. I… (insert excuse) just didn’t, I had other things to do?


As I began to seek out who God really is, everything changed!


I discovered what it really means to live for God and how God is actually right here!

I want to share the things I've learned to help you along your journey and help you discover a beautiful life with Jesus. 

I would like to invite you to grab a seat on my couch >>>

The truth is simple and those that seek it will find there is a life worth living in Jesus.

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