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I was living no different than any other person. I wasn’t a “bad person”. I was nice. I believed in Jesus and knew God was real. I went to church, occasionally. I was baptized when I was a child. But there was something missing. I wasn’t living my life like the church in the Bible. I wasn’t connecting and having fellowship with anyone living for God. I wasn’t seeing God move. I wasn’t praying with anyone, or being a disciple. Occasionally I would pray alone, but God always seemed like he was in the distance. I would show up to church, listen to a preacher's message and then go home. I wasn’t reading my Bible or seeking to live righteously, but not because I didn’t want to. I… just didn’t, I had other things to do?


Then one day I began to seek out who God really is and everything changed!


I discovered what it really means to live for God and how God is actually right here! Jesus is now in me and I want to share my excitement and what He also has for you! He has filled me with His love, and it’s overflowing! I want you to have what I have because Jesus is truly amazing. He created you! He died for you! He Loves You!


Not everyone wants to hear about Jesus. But that’s because they don’t understand who God is, and how awesome He is. They don’t know the truth! But if they took the time to seek God, they would know how great He is.


The truth is simple and those that seek it will find there is a life worth living in Jesus.

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