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Exercising Spiritual Authority

by Dale M. Sides



Exercising Spiritual Authority


Exercising Spiritual Authority is a spiritual warfare manual of scriptural truths that have been tried and proven on the real battlefield of life to help Christ followers gain victory and fulfill their God-given destinies. The release of this powerful knowledge in book form is a fulfillment of a promise made to many who have attended the Exercising Spiritual Authority (ESA) classes that have been conducted worldwide for 25 years. These lessons remain fresh and vital; perhaps even more so now, as the time of Christ’s return draws nearer. Exercising Spiritual Authority addresses the following questions and more: How can I develop the right attitude of who I am in Christ? How do I get rid of a victim mentality and walk in power and victory? What is my spiritual domain and how do I establish it? Can I use the gifts of the Holy Spirit to overcome darkness and enforce God’s kingdom on this earth? Are there secret of authority that can conquer sickness, disease, and demonic captivity? Learn how to become an equipped spiritual warrior who is trained, ready, and willing, for the Master’s use. Experience the thrill of freedom that enables you to reach out and help others do the same. It’s time to be “as He is” in this world by exercising the spiritual authority Jesus has given us!

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