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Psalm 91

by Peggy Joyce Ruth



Psalm 91: God's Umbrella of Protection


Peggy Joyce Ruth is a teacher in the Body of Christ and operates in the motivational gift of Encouragement – challenging people to move into a deeper understanding of the Word of God. She worked alongside her husband, Jack, who was the Senior Pastor of the Living Word Church in Brownwood, Texas for thirty years. Peggy Joyce taught the Wednesday night Adult Bible Study each week at Living Word Church during those years and still teaches a weekly BETTER LIVING radio Bible study on one of the two Christian radio stations owned and managed by her ministry in Brownwood.

She has authored numerous books and has appeared on numerous television stations for interviews including the Sid Roth Show It’s Supernatural, God’s Learning Channel, and Trinity Broadcasting Network. She is a popular speaker for conferences because of her warm storytelling techniques, her easy-to-understand style of communicating the Word of God, and her pleasing sense of humor. Over 500,000 of her military Psalm 91 books have been sent to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Some of her favorite experiences include going with students from their Crosslines College ministry on mission trips to the Philippines, where she conducted a Conference sponsored by twenty Filipino churches.

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