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Stay at home wife? What to do?

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Are you a Stay At Home Wife trying to find fulfillment?

Being a housewife is more than just cleaning.

This is not the first time I became a SAHW. Last time I only lasted a few months before I found myself back at a job because I simply didn't see the benefits of being a housewife and I didn't know what to do with myself. This time around I began to see the benefits and what I was getting myself into as a homemaker.

Being a stay at home wife can help your marriage and draw you closer as a family!

You might be wondering why I'm a SAHW to begin with? When many women become a SAHW when they reach retirement or they become a SAHM (stay at home mom) when they begin having children. But neither of those are the case for me.

There are many benefits to being a SAHW and that's why I choose to be a housewife.

While some people don't get it and think you're living in the 1950's and want to shame you for it, your role is not defined by someone's opinion. You don't need to prove yourself worth to anyone. Okay it may sound old school, but believe me, these women were benefiting their family. Being a stay at home wife brings value to your family!

I believe often times some ladies are not submissive to their husbands. I believe this is where we see relationships that sometimes look like a rollercoaster. Being a wife, should first start with the core beliefs we have as Christians. This means letting my husband be the head of our household. Any major decisions we have, we typically make them together, but ultimately they are up to my husband to make. Regardless, if the choice he makes is the right decision or not, I let him be the leader. I believe by being submissive it flows right into with being a housewife.

Although we're submissive to our husbands, we do play a major part in being leaders of the family and with helping keep it all together.

There will be times we are busy and can feel insulted by the question, "What did you do all day", as if we didn't do anything. Because there's the stigmatism that being a house wife means you don't do anything all day. Maybe this presumption is because there are many women who work and juggle the tasks of being a housewife too. However, one thing that I find to be a major benefit as a housewife is amount of silent time I now get. This silent time allows me to be still, pray, and listen to what God is trying to tell me.

Be a prayer warrior!

I pray about everything. I pray over my husband and I pray that God will guide him to always make the best decisions in our lives. And once in a great while I pray for Jesus to hold my tongue when he makes choices I disagree with because this can happen in any marriage sometimes. We don't always agree. However, more often than not we usually agree on everything.

So let's jump it what a Housewife looks like!

It's more than just cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and cooking or taking care of the kids. It's creating a space your husband (and family) can relax at and enjoy life together. As a stay at home wife (or mom) you'll have more time to spend with your family and enjoy the little things. Before becoming a housewife, you might have always felt rushed out the door in the mornings trying to make it to work on time. To only return home in the evening, rushing to cook dinner, clean up, and by the time you can finally relax it's time to go to bed and do it all over again. Leaving you no time for yourself or time with your family.

It's important that we recognize the benefits of what a housewife has.

What are the benefits of being a housewife!

  • If your husband get's time off, you don't have to answer to a boss to take time off too.

  • Time to spend on the hobbies you enjoy.

  • Be able to relax with your family in the evening.

  • Be involved in the community. Maybe that's at church or your kids games.

  • Have a location independent job that you enjoy, to help generate a little extra income, and still have the freedom of a SAHW.

  • More to time for prayer and Bible study.

Theses are the things to be grateful for. This list can go on!

You can begin each day writing something else that you are grateful for and you'll see this list grow.

What we can be doing as a housewife!

  • Making your husband's life easier! Wake up before your husband, make his cup of coffee, cook him a healthy breakfast, or pack his lunch. (My husband actually likes to drink his coffee on his way to work and eat his breakfast afterwards. So he actually makes coffee for me and has it ready for me when I wake up. I usually have his breakfast made the night before, so all he has to do is grab it in the morning. This works for us, but it might not work best for you.)

  • Praying more! I like to start my mornings off with a cup of coffee, my journal, and my Bible. I call it my Coffee and Bible time.

Coffee and Bible time:

  • Pray: Spend a few minutes in prayer, whatever is on your heart. I also like to pray that God will give me the wisdom, knowledge, discernment, and understanding for what I'm about to read.

  • Journal: These are the two journals I'm currently using, Daily Kairos Journal and this Leather Journal to write down deeper thoughts or for taking notes on the thing's I'm learning in the Bible.

  • Bible: I spend as much time as I need reading the Bible. Sometimes I follow an organized guide plan and sometimes I just dive into different areas of the Bible. If you're not a reader, you can also use the Daily Audio Bible app and listen to the Bible.

  • Work Out. Go for a run, do a 30 minute workout, join a gym class.

  • Make a To Do List. I like to write down the things that I need to do for the day and do them first, but not before Coffee and Bible time, and my workout.

  • Meal Planning and Prepping.

  • Grocery Shopping.

  • Pay the bills.

  • Clean the house.

  • Do the Laundry. I like to set the same day every week to get my laundry done.

  • Schedule appointments.

  • Plan fun weekends/ vacations.

  • Cooking Dinner and Baking.

  • Work online. There are multiple online jobs available today. From proof reading, video editing, to formatting excel worksheets for people, the list goes on. Check out Fiverr or Upwork.

Find Hobbies you can enjoy!

For me, I'm the type of person that likes to do things that have a purpose behind it. I'm a little bit of a minimalist. So it can be hard for me to find hobbies I enjoy. For example, I don't like making home decor because I don't like much decor for my house. However, I recently found soap making to be something that I enjoy. It's something I can make and use.

My fist loaf of homemade bread and my first batch of homemade soap .